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All of the other services on our menu are essentially contracting services: they are posited on the assumption that the work that needs doing has been defined. When our clients are lucky enough to know exactly what they need, they hire us as contractors.

Consulting may involve diverse functions:

  • design of applications 'from scratch'
  • updating of existing applications
  • design and creation of ad hoc tools to facilitate tedious chores
  • transformation -- of file format, or content -- to move it from one to another application (and sometimes, back again)
  • configuration of tools or peripherals
  • and the analysis of any number of communications issues that have little or nothing to do with computers.

Much consulting is 'accidental', in the sense that initial descriptions of 'the problem' often turn out to be inadequate. In that case, defining the scope of the consultation is the first challenge.

The production work that results from consulting, may well be programming, and if our clients want us to do it, we usually do. But there are cases where we can recommend others who can do it better.



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