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Editing / Documentation

early Renaissance map

Now, that's what we call "documentation". In 1586, Ortelius' Subject Matter Experts were a bunch of travelers with some crude navigational tools and stories of how many days it took them to get from there to here. This inset, of course, is even more theoretical; being a tracing of Abraham's journeys ... overlaid on the best geographic data then available!

Good editing makes the body of a piece (text, data, graphics — whatever!) consistent in style. It makes sure all the relationships of parts are obvious to the user.

Good editing improves legibility and readability, and in very subtle ways, it improves the overall communication of the ideas in the document... which...if we are talking about documentation, usually exists to improve the users facility with some other subject tool!



Not incidentally, all the documents in this site (except, of course, this one, and those which are pictures of people's public web sites!) have been edited to obscure the identity of the owners.