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Have Fun!


We believe web sites should provide some fun.

In that spirit, here's a quiz based on a talk we gave to a technical group. (The talk's pdf is attached. Also, most answers are on


Hope you enjoy!

What do you know about
Communication History?

  • Gutenberg1. Which came first ....    
    • The Gutenberg Bible    
      The King James Bible
  • 2. Hollerith's original punch card was invented as a tool for which industry?    
    • steel foundries    
      oil extraction
      fabric weaving
  • a typewriter3. Which of the following was not invented by a Wisconsonian?    
    • the Cray    
      the typewriter
      radio-operated torpedo
      Linotype machine
  • 4. Emile Baudot's advanced telegraphy code (which replaced Samuel Morse') used how many bits?    
    • 2       

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If you also Submit the appropriate contact information when you get to the end of the quiz, or if you submit the request info form, we'll reward you with a free hour of assessment, or critique of your existing efforts.