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We're not a very big company. Therefore, there are lots of things we don't do.

We do

We don't

... help clients think through, design and create whole new projects from scratch... among these, web sites and databases are the most common. Our preferred languages are perl and php, our preferred database formats are SQL and xml.

... interface existing applications, especially databases, with each other, with the web.

... design or troubleshoot conversions and transformations among and between both text and data formats.

... develop, edit or format documentation - in its broadest sense, including all installation, configuration, and usage "tools", whether delivered on paper, pdf or any other format


... sell web space, or domain names -- though we are glad to help our clients find the most reliable and economical partners on those.

... install networks, or even do much to doctor them -- but we're savvy enough about them to help you identify problems with yours, and well-connected enough to help you find the best person to fix them. For that matter, the same goes for almost all hardware.

... much on old Macintosh-specific operating systems. System X is easy: it's unix.

What we do is to help you determine your needs and find the best way to meet them.

We try to make sure the client analyzes the problem thoroughly.

diagram of a problem