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About Us

Skill Set

Operating Systems
and associated tools
UNIX/LINUX (Ksh, Csh, BASH), DOS, Windows 95/98/NT4, MacintoshOS, VMS
Communications FTP, Telnet, TCP/IP, x-modem derivatives, and several commercial implementations of these, including Exceed, CuteFTP, PCAnywhere
Scripting Languages/Systems sgml/xml/html
perl, PHP, css, xsl
Vbscript, Javascript
SQL, VBA (Access, Word, Excel), and X-base languages Framemaker+SGML conversion tools, Omnimark, XMLspy

Commercial Applications

Adept, Framemaker+SGML, Dynatext, XMLSpy, XMLwriter, XML Authority (dtds)
Dreamweaver/Homesite, HotMetal, FrontPage, VisualPage, HotDog, Arachnophilia, NSComposer
Access, Paradox, Excel, other business programs
Framemaker(+SGML), Interleaf, Ventura, Pagemaker, Quark, other page layout programs
Visio and other charting/diagramming programs
CorelDraw, Micrografx Designer and other high-level drawing programs
Ghostscript, and other Postscript-editing programs
Picture Publisher, PaintShopPro, and other bit-map creation/editing programs
Acrobat (Exchange, Distiller, Writer), rtf-conversions
Word (DOS v1.1 thru Windows 8), WordPerfect, other wordprocessing programs; EDLIN, Edit, emacs, vi, other editing and grep programs

Our principals are seasoned veterans of cyberspace and of the communication arts. Scary, but -- together, they've chalked up half a century of computing experience.

Chuck's a coder who's got an eagle-eye for misplaced spaces and extra dots; Marilyn comes from classical book-making and cares a lot about how the pieces fit together. Together, they're a perfect team.