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About Us


From the Society for Technical Communication:

"Couldn't have done it without you" award, presented "in appreciation of her Web expertise in creating the Online Competition Forms"

From Linda Webb, M. Ed (Reviews Editor and Program Director, Greater Cleveland PC User Group):

Commenting on a presentation made to the Association of PC Users describing the rationales and coding for apcu's site.
Marilyn--nice job compiling and presenting all of the information .... I know it represents a lot of hard work behind the scenes! I enjoyed your session and made lots of notes...."

From STC elist:

Thank you for your extensive "Resources and Tools" site! I have been research[ing] STC chapter sites all day and yours contains - by far - the most extensive and applicable resources I've seen. --Deb Lockwood, Colorado

From the Assistant Director on my early Community College teaching efforts:

Dear Marilyn:
I have just read the handout materials you sent to Mary Lou for duplicating, and want to tell you I think you are doing an excellent job. The biggest problem I have seen in DPR teaching ... is the difficulty most computer people have in getting down to the learner level. also write with your sense of humor at work...

From an internal email at Lucent:

From: (a relatively high-up project manager, very sharp)
To: (someone who asked him a technical question)
"I'd try an 'SGML administrator' first since no writers really know about these errors either. Try 1. Bob K, 2. Marilyn Justman, 3. Diane B. Then forward their response...."
This text contains an error. I wasn't an administrator!

From Fritz Galt, Educational Systems:

Here we have our new PC/MS-DOS Microref! ... I appreciate your extensive work on the manuscript and feel your additions have greatly contributed to the quality of our final product.

From Darome Telecommunication's Programmer's log:

6/3: "First syntax changes suggested by Marilyn made....."
6/3: "Another Marilyn-inspired syntax change:...."
6/4: "Yet Another Marilyn-inspired syntax change:..."
6/5: "Still Another Marilyn-inspired syntax change:..."
6/13: "Extensively re-did human interface to implement first try at the consolidated video mode..."
6/14: "Standardized syntax of Volume parameters.
Changed were:
-- "MIC ADJ" to "MIC VOL", "TV LEV" to "TV VOL" ...
-- "Mic Vol Level to "Mic Volume..."
-- "TV Vol Level to "TV Mic Volume..."
..and more.

Our principals are seasoned veterans of cyberspace and of the communication arts. Scary, but -- together, they've chalked up half a century of computing experience.

Chuck's a coder who's got an eagle-eye for misplaced spaces and extra dots; Marilyn comes from classical book-making and cares a lot about how the pieces fit together. Together, they're a perfect team.