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Web sites

Click on a picture to visit the actual site.

ProMark Associates' web site

A B2B site. Client is a meticulous chemist, in the air filtration business. Site had to look/feel/smell as clean as the air he processes. It does!

Red Buffalo Nursery's web site

This popular-audience "ecology" site has PHP-MySQL applications in it: one to provide a selection of some of his 300 plant offerings, per your criteria; the other to fill a mailing list table, as well as email him forms.

Atlas Restoration's web site

Client had two distinct markets, both of which he wanted to address on his home page. Thus, the dual menus. Choosing a link on either side leads to a "subsite" that is very different in tone, illustration, and even menu format from the other. This site is also has 4 response forms, some amounting to full RFPs. Client says he gets lots of response!

MixOnSite's web site

Same client as Atlas, but in a different business personna. We kept the concrete gray and similar layout as family features. But this one had only a professional audience.

Geofill's web site

Same client, before we came along. This is the site for the product that the other three companies use. We still update this site for him occasionally, will eventually redo it into the 21st century!

Association of Personal Computer Users' web site

This user group site is the one we cut our web teeth on 10 years ago (hence the frames!). Now, it's driven with php code and data in xml tables. Ask us if you want to see the code!

Evanston's Housing Future's web site

Site of a city-wide advocacy group. It originally went up to contain background material for a public conference, has remained as a progress-tracking, signature-gathering space.

Citizens Lighthouse Community Land Trust's web site

This 501(c)3 is a child of Evanston Housing, just coming into its own as an organization. Site was originally a page within the other; hence the similarity of designs.