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Development Tools

Development Tools


General software sources

Specialty tools

  • Zipit - Finally, you can make zip files on Macintoshes!
  • SR.exe - a powerful Search/Replace tool
  • UltraEdit - my favorite "editor"; contains HTMLTidy and FTP, can color-code html, can edit fixed-field tables, much more.
  • PDF X-change (v. 25) - A $39.50 tool that (presumably) does what Acrobat Exchange does! I haven't yet tested it.
  • Irfanview - A free tool for tinkering with bit-map graphics"
  • Ghostscript - A postscript interpreter for the screen - freeware for UNIX. There is a PC version.
  • WebGif - Gif manipulator for UNIX.

Web-based services

  • goBCL - Online document publishing service. They say they'll convert your documents to pdf or htm...for FREE.
  • Validator - W3C's will tell you if your code meets the standard (Probably not).
  • Validator's Link Checker - Can check urls or files you upload
  • Color codes for web work - WebMonkey has a bunch of other wonderful reference things as well.
  • Experts-Exchange Home Page - You collect free "points" for joining, can spend them on answers to your most nasty problems.
  • File extension finder - Here's a service that will help you identify file extensions you don't recognize.
  • Gifworks - Web-based gif editor

Search Engines

  • Google - THE ONE
  • search.com - Umbrella site for several search engines. You can choose one or more
  • MegaGO - Fast, copious results
  • excite - Ask natural language questions
  • Lycos - One of the oldest and most complete
  • Thomas Register - For info on businesses
  • AskJeeves - A "natural language" search engine. Amazingly sharp. Uses several others in process.